Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Willie Nelson Concert

The big day finally came! We were invited to a private concert with Willie Nelson. I was nervous about what to wear. And I think I did okay. Some people were more dressy and some people were more casual. I was right in the middle. WHEW!
It was a fundraiser for the Freddy Powers Parkinson's Organization. But we were just there in case something went wrong with any of the lights or electrical stuff. There were a few problems. One guy needed Jarrett to come fix a light that wasn't on. So Jarrett went and flipped the light switch and TADA! LIGHT! HAHA!!
So here we are when we first got there.
Jarrett took me in while everyone else had to wait outside. I felt so special. Not really.
I'll be showing you some of the lights Jarrett made and a few other things I thought to take pictures of. Maybe nothing at all that you are interested in.
We had a pretty good seat.
Cool light, huh?

Jarrett made these himself out of lanterns from Wal Mart. That was fun. Driving to all the Wal Marts so we could buy 'em all up.
This closed in area is the XM Satellite booth where they broadcast for Willie's radio station. I think it's 92.5 fm in DFW.
Me again. Check out the ladies bathroom. I was in love.
Yes, I'm a dork and took a picture of myself in the bathroom.
Jarrett must have been proud of these step lights. He mentioned them to me several times. Making sure I noticed them. I noticed. They look neat!

It's so hard to get a decent picture of Jarrett. He goofs off too much! That's ok though, cause that's just him.
After us trying about 15 times to get a good picture, the kind people sitting behind us offered to take one. Jarrett finally looks decent and I'm bug eyed. HAHA!!
The food was delicious. Oh my goodness! I have never had a better steak.

My food. Notice how much banana pudding I got.
Now look at Jarrett's banana pudding. HAHA! I was so embarrassed to walk back with him.
This is just a shot of random people walking into the theater.
I didn't bring my D80 with me. Jarrett said it would make me look like a photo journalist. HAHA! So I had to stick with my tiny Canon. It's not too great at taking pics like this. Oh well.
This is Freddy Powers. He's a funny guy!
After Freddy Powers sang a young guy came out to sing. He did pretty good. Jarrett said it was Willie's son. But I don't know if that's true or not. I have video of him at the bottom of this post.
And here's Willie Nelson. More videos below.
I had so much fun. Much more fun than I expected to have.
This is the Saloon. We came here after the concert was over. Just hanging out, people watching.

Then went outside and watched more people.

And Jarrett was goofy again.
We went back inside cause I remembered these. I wanted to get some for the kids but umm... forget it. They cost too much for me.
Back outside. That's Willie's bus leaving.
And this is what we found when we got in the truck. Didn't even notice it till we started driving through the parking lot. At least it's a nice clean parking lot. HA! Jarrett didn't even get upset. I'm so proud of him. A couple of people stopped asking if he needed help, but he's a manly man and handled it himself.

This is a sweet video. I didn't see it all until today. I know, it's not very lady like to post a video of me saying I need to go potty, but it's what was said before that, that I want you to see.

And this is the kid (Willie's son? Anyone know?)

"On The Road Again"

"Always On My Mind"

Ok, some nice dude had to say a bad word while I was video taping. Lovely. "I'll Fly Away"

"I Saw The Light" Is that the name of this one? I know the song, but not the name. LOL


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing your great time. I feel like I was there for a few minutes. I with Jarrett on the banana pudding! It all looked yummy.

Katy Lin :) said...

how fun! you guys look super cute! love all the video clips!

Amanda Jo said...

It looks like you guys had a GREAT time! My hubby is a HUGE Willie fan - and his plate of banana pudding would have looked just like your hubby's. Seriously! And I have to say that was the sweetest comment on the video he posted! :)

Gracie said...

How sweet is your dh? Looks like you all had tons of fun.

Susie Harris said...

Wow you lucky girl! Behind the scenes and all! I love the lights and the bathroom... well lets just say thats one fancy place to mind your business, smile... Im sure yall had a great time. maybe next time you can sneak us in... let us know, K.... Susie H~

Genny said...

How fun to hear about the concert and see the pictures! Looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun! Both of you looked really nice. I'm bummed I didn't see any famous people though. ;) The video that Jarrett took was really sweet!! I hope you made it to the potty in time. :::giggle:::

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