Thursday, November 27, 2008

Favorite Thanksgiving Picture

I'll post more later, when I go through all of them. I just had to share my favorite.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're going to the Abilene area tomorrow. I can't wait to see my family and eat some good food. I'm not sure when we'll be back but I think my kids are staying with my mom and we'll get them back on Sunday. Woohooo!!

That's all. Just a little note to let you know where we are and what we're up to. :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Kiddos!

I was trying to get a group shot of all of my kids together. You know, so I could make a Christmas card. It didn't happen. They were tired of sitting by each other and all the one's I had taken, part of Connor's body wasn't in front of the backdrop. I'm not willing to clone out the background, so we'll have to try again another day.

Oh Caleb!

It's so hard to get pics of Caleb right now. He doesn't want his picture taken. He'll act goofy in front of the camera, but the REAL pictures, he doesn't want to do. I sort of feel bad for always getting pics of the other kids and not him. I told him that one day he was going to wonder why I never took any pics of him. So he agreed to let me take a few. But that didn't mean he was going to smile or look the least bit happy. So this is what I got.

Karly Pics

Just a few new pics of Karly.

She really thinks she's a cheerleader. When she's old enough to sign up, she won't even need to go to practice. She knows all the cheers already. lol

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Powerwing Karly

I finally got around to taking a pic of Karly on the Powerwing. She's been riding it for a while now. She loves it and does better than I do. LOL!!

Ignore us talking in the background. We were trying to catch our dog that got out of the fence.

Last Football Game

Connor's team was done last week but Jarrett and Caleb's team made it to the play offs. They lost but played an awesome game. Seriously. I've never seen a more fired up crowd. We had too many bad calls against us. Of course, the loser always says that, but this is the TRUTH. It was ridiculous. Anyway, here's a pic of both my boys during the last game.

Until next year....

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, I've updated a little. Now it's late. Be sure to go back and look through my recent posts. I'll be updating some more this week. Then maybe I can get back to checking all of your blogs again. Sorry, I'm a slacker.

Fall Feet

Did I ever post this picture of my feet in the leaves? I'm not sure.
This is Connor's take on it.
Just for fun.

Business Card

I made my own business card. You know, for when my kids are grown and I have time to do some photography. lol I guess I just did it for the heck of it. I dunno.
What do you think?

The blurred part is my phone number that I didn't want to share with the internet.

Connor's team VS The Coaches

November 1st

The team Connor was supposed to play didn't have enough players so the coaches got out there and played with the boys. It was SO funny! I wish I could show you all of the pics but it takes too darn long for the pics to load.
The big black blob in the pic, is Jarrett. HAHA!

I think the coaches won.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Pics, Finally!

Darn it! They all came up backwards. Again! What's up with that? I've been slacking, I know. Gotta try and get my blog time worked out. Anyway, here are the pics from Halloween in reverse order.

Kyndal had a party to go to so we didn't get to trick or treat with her this year. She had a blast but I have NO pics from it. :(

Karly loved trick or treating. She would go up and say trick or treat, I want a necklace. Or do you like my Mama? HAHA!! Too cute!

Caleb hasn't been very nice to the camera lately. He wouldn't look at me so I raised my hand above my head to get his attention and this is what he did back to me.

Connor trick or treating on the square in downtown Waxahachie.

This was the first pic I got when we got out of the car. Hey kids, line up over there and let me take your pic. Thanks Connor. LOL

Karly just out of the truck, ready to get some candy.

That's it for Halloween. I didn't get many pics this year. :(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Explain it to me- politics

I was just watching CNN and they said the popular vote doesn't matter. (assuming this is YOUR votes- am I right?) The one's that matter are the electoral college. So, what's all the hoopla about get out and vote if you're not part of the electoral college? Seriously, this has me baffled. Is it just to make you feel like you've done your part? Put in your two cents? I'm just confused so forgive me if I sound silly. Anyone care to shed some light?

Ok, after searching a little harder I found this. It explains it a little better than the guy on CNN.

A couple of things I found interesting though:

1.So we will all go vote on Tuesday, and before the sun sets in California at least one of the TV networks will have declared a winner. By midnight, one of the candidates will have probably claimed victory and some will have conceded defeat. But not until the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, when the electors of the Electoral College meet in their state capitals and cast their votes will we really have a new president and vice president elect.

2.Critics of the Electoral College system, of which there are more than a few, point out that the system allows the possibility of a candidate actually losing the nationwide popular vote, but being elected president by the electoral vote. Can that happen? Yes, and it has.

Has it Ever Happened?
Has a presidential candidate ever lost the nationwide popular vote but been elected president in the Electoral College? Yes, three times:

In 1876 there were a total of 369 electoral votes available with 185 needed to win. Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, with 4,036,298 popular votes won 185 electoral votes. His main opponent, Democrat Samuel J. Tilden, won the popular vote with 4,300,590 votes, but won only 184 electoral votes. Hayes was elected president.

In 1888 there were a total of 401 electoral votes available with 201 needed to win. Republican Benjamin Harrison, with 5,439,853 popular votes won 233 electoral votes. His main opponent, Democrat Grover Cleveland, won the popular vote with 5,540,309 votes, but won only 168 electoral votes. Harrison was elected president.

In 2000 there were a total of 538 electoral votes available with 270 needed to win. Republican George W. Bush, with 50,456,002 popular votes won 271 electoral votes. His Democratic opponent, Al Gore, won the popular vote with 50,999,897 votes, but won only 266 electoral votes. Bush was elected president.

I'm glad I cleared that up for myself. Hope that I helped others of you who didn't know what all that CNN stuff was about.

Daniel 4:17

I was going to vote today, but realize that what will happen, will happen no matter who I vote for. I personally don't care for any of the candidates and can't give any of them my vote. Sorry if that offends anyone. I just can't do it. :(

Daniel 4:17 (King James Version)
King James Version (KJV)
Public Domain
17This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Homecoming Parade

Playing a bit of catch up here. I'll be changing the dates on these after they've been here long enough to be seen. lol

Kyndal and I waited and waited for the parade to start. It was awful. We only took one car so Jarrett had to drop us off downtown while he took the kids to the meet up spot for the kids. We had to wait about an hour. We were SO early and I'm sure people were driving through the dead town of Italy wondering what the heck we were doing. HAHA!!!

Some poor child lost their balloon. ooh, photo op. Do you see the balloon? LOL

Yeah, and these pics uploaded backward too. What is up with that? I'm not doing anything different than I used to do. Maybe blogger is mad at me for not blogging much lately.
Hopefully you can see my peeps on the float. Yeah, I said peeps. I'm cool like dat.

The Bonfire

October 21st, we had the bonfire. It's just what we do before our homecoming. The kids get to run around this HUGE yard and have all kinds of fun. The adults sit and chit chat and pig out on pizza and cookies. Here's the big pile of wood.

And here's this young girl eating. She didn't like that I took this pic, but I don't think she knows where my blog is so maybe she won't be mad at me.

And here's cute little Gary. He plays on Jarrett's team with Caleb.
And then there's these. I had way too many of them. They were delicious.
Cici's pizza brought like 100 boxes of pizza. For real. There was a LOT of pizza there.
The DJ
Kendrick doing the stanky leg. This kid can dance.
And a couple of my friends dancing.
Karly's bff Jaylen. (one day I'll ask his mom how to spell his name- I spell it different every time)
I just love pics of people stuffing their faces.

This is the best though. Look at that poor little girl on the right. HAHA!!!
Now, somehow, these pics uploaded backwards. So, let's watch me put the fire out.

Neat huh?

I like this little girls shoes. You see those? They are like converse boots or something.

The cheerleaders had Baby Got Back in their dance routine and this is Baby. LOL

Cheerleaders dancing. Karly will be up there one day. Not soon enough for her.

Jarrett/ skater looking dude.
Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics of my kids that night. Half the time I couldn't find them. And lately when I pull out the camera, they run. :/

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