Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pictures From The Drive In

I was getting my camera ready to go and Karly asked me to take her picture. What's up with that? She never wants me to take a picture of her. No, I didn't pose her.

(clip on earrings, lips aka lip gloss, sunglasses and a ring) She's ready to go!
This is a typical picture of my kids. Nobody is looking at me.
They kept finding rubber bands on the ground. See Caleb's wrist? Those are all the green ones he found.
Snuck up on her.
Kyndal hiding out in the van with her Daddy. He's always got the chocolate.
Connor was putting all of his rubber bands together to make a ball. It ended up being a pretty big ball. Too bad I didn't get a pic of that.
I wish this one was clearer.


Shel said...

Kyndal has the right idea! Hang around the chocolate carrier. Smart girl, but we already knew that! Looks like the kids had fun even if the movie wasn't that great for them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the movie wasn't what you expected. It looks like everyone had a good though. You're pictures, like always, are beautiful!

Tiara said...

Cute pics! I've been wanting to pack up the family and head to the drive in since LAST summer. Yet, we somehow never actually end up going LOL I read on the website to our local drive in that you are not allowed to take pics under any circumstance @@ If you are caught they throw you out. What would I do not being able to take photos?! I take my camera everywhere I go!

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