Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Won't Be Long!

I've sort of neglected my mini garden. So I went to check on it and see what was going on out there. It doesn't look too shabby! See the yellow flowers on my tomato plants?

How 'bout now?
A view from the top. It's almost time to make a fence around them or get something to hold them up. (except for the runt in the middle. )
Do you see my bell peppers? Me either.
This is where we planted a watermelon seed. It sprouted, but that was about it. I miss having a big garden.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I would have thought your veggies would have shown up way before mine? We've been eating squash for a few weeks and peppers & tomatoes for a few days now. Your garden looks MUCH prettier than my mess though. I'll have to take a pic tomorrow. I bet you can't wait until they are ready huh?

brattt said...

we ended up with a ton of tomatoes..all ripe at the same time!! The birds had a feast! Hopefully they don't mess with my pumpkins! lol

Saucy said...

That's why I don't garden... I would neglect it for going out to see movies, take pictures and read magazines. I am a bad bad girl.

Angelique said...

It looks great! The next thing on my list is a garden - I can't WAIT!

Shel said...

Yay on the Tomato blooms! My tomatos bloomed, but then I rotted the roots by accident. :( Enjoy!

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