Saturday, May 27, 2006

Karly's 1st Birthday Party

Today we had Karly's birthday party. We had friends and family over (Julie and her girls, Geneva, Jamie, Amber and her girls.)The kids played outside. Good times!

So sweet together.

Ash didn't like the water too much.
Karly was fine with it though.

Birthday Girl!


Goofy Connor!

Messy eater!

It's nice to have family come to the kids party's.

Got cleaned up and came back inside for the presents.

And here's Karly, not being so nice. Poor Ash!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Time To Read

This is such a good book for babies. Karly is barely 1 and can point to things when I ask her to.
She wanted to eat some of the stuff. (lemons, cookies)
She finished reading and went to make a mess under my desk. When I asked her what she was doing, she pointed away, like someone else did it. TOO CUTE!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Potty Time!

When my mom was here, she insisted on getting Karly a potty chair. She LOVED it. It was playing music and she was dancing on the pot. HAHA!!

Almost forgot... more Six Flags

This is the picture they took of us on The Texas Giant. I thought it was so cool that they got us all in one shot!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

More visiting with the family

We went to watch my cousins soccer game. Then we went to breakfast and some of my family had to leave to catch their plane. My mom took my kids to the zoo. (except for Karly) While the kids were gone, Jarrett and I just sat at home. As usual.

This is all of my grandma's great grandkids but one, he had a tball game in Oklahoma so he wasn't there.

Angela and Charis. Angela is pregnant with baby number three. Due in December.

Mom and me!

Kyndal and Bailey
Macy and Caleb

Friday, May 12, 2006

Granny Faye came to visit

My mom came to visit and took us to get a pedicure. I decided not to cause the boys were getting on my nerves and I was just ready to leave. But here's Kyndal enjoying herself.

After shopping pretty much all day the rest of my family wanted to meet at the park. Karly had just woken up when we stuck her in the swing. I don't think she knew what was going on. HA!
My mom is a nut! She was swinging and saying WEEEEEEE really loud. HAHAHA!!!
My mom, Karly, Angela (my cousin) and her youngest daughter Campbell.
Karly in the rocks. The only place she was happy.

We didn't get to stay at the park very long because Connor and Caleb had baseball games. But the family came to the games, then to my house. Woohoo! I had company!! It was so much fun having everyone over.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Homeschool Day at Six Flags

We had so much fun! We got to the park around 8:30 and were the first in line. The weather was awesome. About 77 degrees. It wasn't packed so the lines went pretty fast.

On the way there we told the kids we were going to a park. As we got to where we could see Six Flags, Jarrett told them to be looking for a park cause he thinks he missed his exit. This pic shows their faces when they found out we were really going to Six Flags. Poor Caleb still looks confused.
This is at the front gate waiting for them to open.
They had a new ride. Little hot air balloons with a basket at the bottom for you to sit in and spin with the wheel in the middle. This was Karly's first ride. She rode with me and Jarrett so she got spun pretty fast. hehe This is the Cliff Hanger. It takes you straight up, then drops. Fun times!
This was so much fun! Karly's second ride. It takes you up about 15 feet then drops a little then goes back up and drops again. It does that a few times. When we'd go up, she'd kick her feet and laugh and look down at everyone. But when it dropped she'd curl her toes and make a funny face. Then it would go back up and she'd be laughing and kicking her feet again. She had the whole area watching and laughing. WAY CUTE!!

She loved all of the characters too. I was surprised, but she wanted to touch all of them.
Except Tweety. She was asleep when we saw him.
This is the most boring thing out there. My mom could handle this one. hehe

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