Friday, July 18, 2008

My Husband Rocks!!!!

If you haven't already, you need to go on over to Katy Lin's blog and sign up for My Husband Rocks Friday. It's so important to think of the good things. I tell you what, since I've started this my opinion of Jarrett has improved. Not that I thought lowly of him, but I did tend to think of the negative rather than the positive. Thanks Katy Lin!!

And today, I'll show you why my husband rocks!!

He knows I've been needing a new computer and he got me one! He saves up scrap pieces of copper wire after jobs (He's an electrician) and then burns the insulation off and sells it. He did that yesterday and spent a large amount of the money he made on this....

HP Touchsmart

And basically, we got it for free, but still... he could have saved the money or gotten himself some new tools for work. I'm REALLY glad he didn't. HAHA!!!

Thank you, Jarrett for thinking of me before yourself. And always trying to do things that you know will make me happy. I appreciate my new, super cool, huge screen computer!!!!


Angelique said...

Awww...I'm JEALOUS! I'm so out of touch with technology but I would love to have that computer! He is SO sweet :)

Shel said...

That is so cool that he did that for you. Way to go, Jarrett!

It's a super cool computer and it's even more cool that it was basically "free".

Lishak said...

Oh, how wonderful! Your hubby does rock! A new computer is so exciting!

Karol said...

That's so awesome that he did that for you!!

Antoinette said...

How sweet. I'm glad he got you one. I know how bag you wanted a new computer!!!

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