Monday, September 22, 2008

Break Time

As if you couldn't tell. I've been taking a break from blogging and a break from the computer and I plan to continue for a little while longer. I've seriously got to get some organizing done around my house. Every room is back to being cluttered. I'll still be posting a few things on my other blog so you can check there from time to time if you'd like.

And to all the other bloggers, I'll be back to reading and commenting as soon as I'm done with my "Fall cleaning".

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This weekend we had our football games. Caleb & Jarrett's team won again. Undefeated so far! Woohoo! Here's Caleb standing up. lol
Jarrett's mom came down to visit. Jarrett's dad and step mom were there. My mom called me and was like, "I miss the babies, I sure wish I could see them" and five minutes later, she was there with my step dad Bobby. It was such a nice surprise and SO cool to have almost all of the grandparents there. (the row with Kyndal on it. I don't know the other people.)

Karly sure does love Bobby! When he's around, she attached to him.
Connor's team lost, again. We seriously need some blockers. But I'm not the coach, so... whatever. Connor got tackled and you see in the pic, that helmet was in his back.
And look at that face as he's getting up. He was hurt. Poor baby!!! But he kept playing. When I saw this face, I stopped taking pics for a little bit. He played another play, got up with the same face and I made sure they knew he was hurt. So he got to come to the sideline for a little while.
He's ok though. Nothing serious.
Afterward we went out to eat. My favorite meal from Don Jose's is Villa's chicken. Mmmm... It's SOOO good!

Monday, September 15, 2008

You can't see me.

That's what Jarrett kept saying. He was walking around acting strange. Standing really still, or leaning up against something. When I'd ask what he was doing he would say, "You can't see me". Good grief.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It's been a while since I've seen them. It was nice. Wish they lived closer and liked me more. ;)

(David, Me, Jon)
First time I've seen my neice, Lexi. How cute is she? She gets that from Sara. :)
Patti & Lexi
(Patti, if you want these pics, click them to make them large, right click and save as- to your computer somewhere)

He's a good daddy!

David watching the Wii golf game.

See, I need David around more. He asked for my camera to take a pic of me. Nice! It's not great, I should have put make up on and sat up straight.
Connor is so good with the babies.
Karly, Sara and Summer
Bed time! She was NOT happy. It was so cute cause.....
Jon gave her a kiss and she stopped crying to give him a kiss back. LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Found the CURE for Poison Ivy

or Oak, or Sumac, whatever it was that we had.

My inlaws told me about this stuff. I put off getting it because they said it cost 30 dollars. I'm cheap. So we had poison whatever it was for about a week and a half. Then finally I decided to get some. I ended up getting a spot on the back of my leg that was as big as one of my butt cheeks. Seriously. It was starting to scare me. When I went to get it, at CVS it was 39.99!! Holy smokes! I went to a friends house afterward and put some on and let me tell you... It stopped itching immediately. The spot I had on the back of my leg was a severe case, so the next day I did it again and it's gone. All better. Mild to moderate cases only need one application. This stuff washes away whatever is in the blisters. Too cool. I'm stocking up.
I went to Wal Mart to get groceries and thought I'd see if they have this there. They do. For 34.99 or 34.88. Cheaper than CVS. Go get some. It's worth every penny.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of fun at the lake!

And lots of pics to share... we had a blast. It was sort of like a party. There were so many people. LOVED it. Great times!!
Jarrett and Connor pulling Kyndal and Conleigh. ( I seriously need better zoom)

Conleigh saying that's fast enough!
Jarrett is pulling Angelia and Hailey (hope I spelled that right)
Brandi & April
Steve taking Debbie on her first ride.
How cool is this shot? I got all 3 jet ski's in one pic. Eric at the top, Jason in the middle, Steve & April up front.
Steve loved splashing the kids. They loved it too.
Jason and Peyton.
Yeehaw, Eric.
April posing. Too cute!
Look at all the people. And that's not even all that were there.
Think they could be any closer to each other.
Steve taking Mike on his first ride.
Sweet Peyton
Jarrett went nuts this time. No, really. NUTS. He scared the crap outta me several times.
I like this one because of the splash he made. Neat huh?
Thumbs up!!

Can't wait to do this again!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Remember, you can click the pics to make them bigger. (and don't forget to check out my hunting post)
Caleb is #6, he's back there not even running toward the ball. LOL
On the ground patting the guy with the ball.

Connor is #8

I'm going to keep this short. I have a lot to do and I don't want to make myself mad by telling the whole story. Jarrett & Caleb's team won. Connor's team lost.

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