Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Concert

I'm really not big on concerts, ya know? I went to a few when I was a teenager. Garth Brooks, Lollapalooza and won some tickets to Six Flags (Texas) when they had a concert. Christina Aguilara, Beastie Boys and some other folks. I didn't even stay for all of that. But that's the only concerts I had been to. The only reason I'm going to these concerts is because Jarrett has to be there. And since I DO like Merle Haggard, I'm excited about being able to go see him on the 3rd.

Anyway, here are more pictures from yet another concert. This is a weird one of me before we left the house. I'm trying to figure out how to take pictures in the dark, with no flash.

So we got there and Jarrett had to wire up the trailers for the outdoor concert tomorrow. These types of rooms he has to work in are the only one's w/out AC. Poor guy. But I love to watch him work. Is that bad?
And yes, he's wearing his Elmer Fudd hat. He talks like him too, when he's wearing it.
I was sitting outside while he was on the roof working and this lady passed by. That jug had to be heavy and she carried it around like it was nothing.
Bored, so I took more pictures of the place. These lights are pretty!

And he's back in that hot room working.
The bathrooms. HAHA!

Entrance to the theater.
This is the restaurant that isn't open yet.
More lights...
Working in another room now. He had to get in the attic in this one and came out all icky with insulation all over him. I felt so bad for him.
This is the bar in the restaurant. Lots of bars at this place.

When he finished working, his shirt was filled with insulation and he didn't bring an extra. So he went to the gift shop and they gave him this. Nice. I was seriously embarrassed from this point on. HAHAHAHA!!! Shame on me huh? But really, a Willie Nelson shirt? And a tank top?? Blech.
Here I am in the saloon again. The concert was not that great. In fact, it was so bad, that I kept getting up and going different places so I wouldn't have to listen to it. :/
Paula Nelson. Willie's daughter. She didn't sing all that great, but still she's better than I am. HAHA!! As you can see, I finally figured out how to take a pic in the dark w/out flash.
And there's that lady with the flowers again. She was dancing around and those things didn't budge. How weird!!
This is Ray Wylie Hubbard. He was funny and actually ok to listen to.
He had written a song that these two sang. I forgot their names. They did ok, I guess.
And his son played the blues on that guitar. He did awesome!
David Allen Coe. I was looking forward to this one and now I do NOT know why. He was weird. And bad. And a fruit cake. The stuff he talked about was off the wall. He barely even sang anything. I was so disappointed, but sat through it, hoping he'd sing a song that I know.
He never did. And I couldn't take it anymore, so we left before it was over. It was horrible. Really. Really.

One more night and my concert days will be over for a while. Whew.
I'm missing my kids. They've been at my moms since Tuesday night. We'll be picking them up on Sunday. I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm sorry it wasn't as good as the last one. At least you got to get out for a bit. Even if it was to listen to icky music. LOL

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