Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh and one more thing!

I can burn spaghetti. I didn't know that.

I completely forgot I was cooking. I had the ground beef cooking also and made extra for burritos tomorrow night. You know what? I left it on too and it's all crunchy now. 1.5 lbs of ground beef. Wasted.

I think we'll go out for dinner tomorrow.


Amanda Jo said...

Girl, that's nothing. I caught my kitchen on fire boiling water. Haha. I still haven't lived it down!

Hey - at lease you get to go out to eat, you should go somewhere extra fun!

Shel said...

Awwe! What did you do, boil the water all the way down and crispy the spaghetti?

I once let water boil down in a non-stick pan and burned the non-stick part so I had to get a hotel room overnight for my oldest and I because the non-stick part lets of poisonous gases when you get it hot and it burns. So don't feel too bad!

Where are you going out to eat tonight?

Angelique said...

I'm sorry that happened! I stink in the kitchen so I won't laugh at you :) Plus, you have 4 kids - it's easy to get distracted. That's always my problem anyway! lol

Anonymous said...

You burned the spaghetti or the meat? Either way, that sucks. I hope you were able to go out!!!

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