Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just one of the boys

that carries lip gloss. Yes, my little girl loves to hang out with the boys. That's Jaylen (probably misspelled) in the middle. Karly told me a couple of days ago that she loves him with all her heart. Then I whooped her. Just kidding!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a photo shoot with these two. I'm so excited. I offered to do it cause they are just too cute and I need to practice on someone other than my kids. Hopefully I can get this one to look at me.
I snuck this one in. He was hanging on to Moms leg. Too cute!
See, I may just have a hard time with him. LOL
Aren't they adorable??? I can't wait!
Spell check just told me snuck isn't a word. Hmm...I did NOT know that. :/

Been Busy

Doing this
at the rehearsal & dinner
and the wedding (you can see more here)
practicing for football games
and editing
I haven't had much free time at all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beautiful Morning...

On my way to the grocery store, I passed my husband on a bridge. He was looking down while driving! On a bridge! AHHH! So I called him and told him not to do that. LOL He said he was on his way home for the day. It was pretty early so we bought took a detour to the park. It was a nice morning for a walk.

Karly got tired of walking.
You can see more pics here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Givin' you somethin' new

to look at.

First, take a look at these two. My two youngest. Could they look any different? I was shocked to see them playing so well together. This is a special pic. Fo sho!
Connor called me outside to tell me there was a rainbow. So I grabbed my camera and ran. When I took the shot, the football was thrown. Not on purpose either. I wish the football was in focus. How cool would that have been??
It's hard to see anything around my house with all of these trees!
There. I cropped them out. :)
It was such a bright rainbow. I wish I could have gotten better pics.
I'm still pretty busy around here. I spent hours today making lesson plans and well, I'm not even done with one kid yet. When I'm not doing that, I'm studying up on wedding photography, my camera, lighting, whatever I can cause the wedding I'm photographing is Saturday! ACK!

Friday, August 15, 2008

So excited!

Go HERE and see why!

My Husband Rocks!

I've been slacking at posting to the blog lately. Been pretty busy and the past few Fridays I've been out and about. But today I must tell you why my husband rocks! I got this idea from Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure. So go on over there and get signed up!

This week I took a look at my couch and decided it was time to shampoo it. Usually when I shampoo it, just hours later there is a mess on it. Thanks to having 4 kids and a sometimes clumsy husband. (shh...) I went ahead and decided to do it cause it was seriously grossing me out. It was so bad that I didn't bother taking before pics. Not like I'd ever show anyone. ick.
Anyway, when Jarrett came home and saw the clean couch he said, WOW! What a difference the clean couch makes! Before, no matter how much I cleaned the house, the couch being dirty made the house look filthy. He rocks because he's trying really hard to keep the couch clean. He pulled out an extra mattress we have and has been using it to sit on to watch tv. He said we're keeping the mattress out and when we have company come by we'll move the mattress out of the living room and have a clean couch. HAHA! He's so funny. But I know he's doing this because he knows how much time it takes for me to get that couch clean. So here's a pic I took of him. I couldn't resist. He's covered in Karly's Dora blanket and drinking his tea from her zoo cup. (the fan is in the pic cause I was using it to dry the couch)

*If you get a chance, you really should take a look at what Jamie over at Rose Cottage posted. It's a wonderful post about marriage.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping this week

I did a little shopping this week. And goofy me forgot about the tax free weekend THIS weekend. So missed out on saving 8 bucks for every 100 spent.
I just thought I'd share some of what I got. I'm not posting all the clothes I bought but I will tell you I found some great deals at the Gap outlet for myself. YES! I have some new clothes!

Karly really needed shoes. All that fits her are flip flops. She's got such wide feet. But I found some tennis shoes (in the boys section) that worked! They aren't the cutest in the world but will be perfect for play shoes. Easy off and on and a dark color.

And some much needed guide books.
Not the best picture (was playing with settings) but I LOVE this shirt. Yes, I know it's just a tshirt but it says Life Is Good. I need one like that for myself.
And a mini back pack for Karly. I filled it up with fun stuff (chalk board, markers, books, bubbles, nintendo DS w/Dora game) for football practices. It's so cute! We saw one in a bigger size at another store. But the small one is perfect for a 3 yr old.
I also got Kyndal a new shirt and jewelry to match for a wedding we have to go to soon. I can't believe I have to shop in the juniors clothes for her.
Oh and Karly got a new outfit for the wedding too. I love having a Gymboree outlet nearby!!
The boys got new football stuff last week so this week was for the girls.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lunch with Granny

My mom called and said she was going to be in Dallas and asked if we wanted to meet her for lunch. Umm YES we DO! So we met up at El Chico around 10:30. It didn't open until 11 so the kids got out their toys and played in the parking lot. They haven't gotten to use these on concrete yet. They loved it!! Nice and smooth!

Connor was doing really well on his Rip Stick.

And Kyndal loves her Power Wing
Poor Connor. He found a hill. Went down it real fast. Thought it was the coolest thing. Did it again. Almost ran into something, so he jumped off. Banged himself up. He hurt his belly, knee, elbow and hand. :*(
He didn't cry. But didn't want in the picture. I think it started hurting about 10 minutes after it happened. Poor guy. Then he cried for 30 minutes or more.
You can see his knee here. I only took this one to have one of all of them together with Granny.
It was nice seeing my mom. I really wish she lived closer. After we ate we went to Wal Mart and got a first aid kit for my car. And she got a few things she needed. Then we had to go our separate ways. I miss her.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another day at the lake

I had plans to clean up the house and catch up on laundry. I guess since Jarrett had so much fun at the lake Friday, he wanted to go again today. So we did. I needed to practice action shots anyway. ;)

Don't mind his big white legs. HA!!
The sunburn girl. This time we took sunblock and I made her sit in the shade once in a while.
I sent Jarrett in to Wal Mart again and he came back with Big Red and Coke. So Karly got to have a Big Red today. Can you tell?
I got so many cute pictures of Caleb on the jet ski. He was having a blast!!
Connor and Jarrett standing up together. This time we took both jet skis out.
He wiped out!
All smiles!
Even when she fell off. (the first time.) The second time she was DONE riding.
That's all for today folks. I'm pooped!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

8/8/08 At The Lake

I didn't do anything special for 8/8/08. I wanted to try and get a really cool pic of something but whatever. We did other stuff and I forgot.

We headed out around noon to go to the lake. Being that it was lunch time, the jet ski needed gas and Karly needed some swim shoes, we headed to town. Jet ski in tow. What a pain. We went to Wal Mart and I wasn't dressed for going in. Jarrett said I looked good though. ;) So I sent Jarrett in to get Karly some shoes. I told him 9/10 or a 10. He comes out with a 6! After all that waiting in the truck he had to go exchange them. This took like 45 minutes. We still had to eat and get many, many gallons of gas. So he went back in and picked these out. Lovely.

Enough small talk, let's get to the pictures.
Ever seen my house?

That's not it.

Karly wasn't sure about the waves. Every time I mentioned waves she waved. She must have thought I was nuts. Look at that big wave ::waves::, Look a little wave ::waves::, *riding the jet ski* Want to jump some waves? ::waves::

Cheesin' it up
On the prowl
Jarrett likes to do this and splash the kids. (p.s. all of my jet ski pics are blurry)

Caleb, up close.

Connor skipping rocks
I think they saw leaches. Or not. I wouldn't know if they did.
If you look real close at this, you can see where I edited Kyndal out of the picture. She was making a funny face.

We all had a good time today. It wasn't too hot, but some of us did get a nice sunburn. Kyndal is very red. We've already rubbed on the aloe. I just hope it works for her.

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