Sunday, June 29, 2008

Caleb's Birthday Weekend Day 2

Today Jarrett took the big kids exploring while Karly and I stayed home and cleaned. (we also played with the big kids toys, but shhh.. don't tell them that.) Before they went exploring Jarrett took Caleb to get the BB Gun he's been wanting.
Kyndal thinks she's so cool now. She finally has a 'hunting shirt'. Every time it comes through the laundry I put it with the boys stuff. I've got to get used to this. lol
They went to Richland Creek. It's just down road. And it sure is pretty! I'm so glad I got smart and sent my camera with Jarrett. He actually got some pretty good pictures!

Here's Caleb shooting his bb gun.

Yup, they're in the water. Thanks for more icky laundry, Jarrett.

Look how happy they look! I wonder if they are having THAT much fun or if they are just glad to be away from me. LOL
I just liked this one of Connor so I'm sharing it too.
I'd say Caleb had a fun weekend, filled with things he likes.
Birthdays are DONE until next year. :)


Susie Harris said...

looks like fun! And I thought my family was the only one's to wear camo, hehe... Love it! Susie H~

Anonymous said...

I think it's so neat how they like to do stuff like that. I'm glad Caleb had a good day!!!

Amanda Jo said...

I love it! Those pictures are great!!! It looks like Caleb had a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing these photos with us!!!

My little guy can't wait for the day he can gave a bb gun.

Tiara said...

I think it so sweet Jarrett gets out and does things like that with the kids. Caleb had an awesome birthday weekend! Great pics.

Sarah Mae said...

That black and white picture of Connor is definitely a framer!

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