Saturday, August 2, 2008

1st Football Practice

It wasn't much of a practice. No helmets, pads, etc. And I couldn't get close enough to the boys to get their pics. Maybe next time.
Karly went up to every kid out there and asked, "what's your name?". So she made some friends. It was too cute! None of my other kids would have EVER done that.
And here's this one because I think it's cute.


Julie said...

girl, I still can't believe she can blow a bubble!

Angelique said...

I still think she should model! She's gorgeous.

Shel said...

I can't believe she can blow a bubble, either. None of my kids can, and it's not for lack of trying! Great picture!

Amanda Jo said...

That is the cutest little picture!! I love it! You are VERY talented.

Tiara said...

I LOVE the bubble gum picture.

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