Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The New Pool

Karly's little pool from the last couple of years was ruined, so I decided to get her another. Our yard is just too shaded to have our big pool up, which stinks. I figured the big kids would like to at least get wet in one with Karly. So we just got another small pool.


Why can't we have a big pool?, she said.
Connor doesn't seem to mind the small one.

This isn't fun. she said.
Karly would disagree.
Caleb floating.
When I kick this cold, I'll be taking the kids back to the YMCA to swim.


Angelique said...

Awww...it looks like most of the kids are having a great time!! lol I miss reading about you guys so I'm glad I found this!

Christina NY said...

Hey 3 out of 4 being happy isn't a bad thing lol.

Tiara said...

I'm with Christina on the 3 out of 4 thing LOL

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