Monday, June 23, 2008

My Attempt At A 'Window Mistreatment'

You should check out the blinky to Nesting Place if you haven't already. I got the idea to make my curtains from there. When I grow up, I want to be like her. :)
So, I tried it and it's VERY easy. But do they look ok?? Yes, I know my rod needs to be painted, that's next! The curtains are already clipped together, so taking them down shouldn't be too hard. The picture in the picture doesn't match either. I have a solution for that too. I just haven't gotten started on it. Oh AND I didn't bother cleaning up for the pic. As if you couldn't tell.

I added some black rope to the red curtain.
Close up of the fabric I used.
It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, right??


brattt said...

ok so how do you do that? I was reading her website earlier! I saw it on your page and went nosing around there! I need something over my kitchen window! Looks nice, you did a good job!

Carri said...

It looks awesome I love it. You are so crafty. Shoot when I grow up I would be content being like you that other woman just seems way to far for me now LOL.

Amanda Jo said...

Those look GREAT!! I'm not good with window mistreatments - maybe once we're in a house I'll give it another try.

I know what you mean about the whole Sabbath thing. I'm still a little confused by it but it is something that I want to do a deeper study on.

I'll pray that the Lord would provide for you a good godly woman to study with - it's so important to have support from other Christians!!

Liz said...

I love it!

Angela said...

So, I see you found the Nester. I love that woman. She is awesome. Your mistreatment is beautimous. I love it. I am assuming you found the blog through my pathetic blog. ;0) Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Me likey! I'm glad you sent me that link to make mine too. Woo hoo! Ours houses are gonna look purdy in no time!!

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