Monday, June 16, 2008

Ooh! A Night Out!

Jarrett just called me and told me he got me a ticket. Ok. To what? Well, he's been doing the electrical work for Willie's Place. It's been a long, long job. LOL But at the end of the month, they are having a concert. He has to be there cause he's the electrician. I guess in case something doesn't work right? And I get to go! Woohoo! He couldn't talk long, but he did say a few names. Willie Nelson (not fond of), Bonnie Raitt(eh) and, you ready??? Merle Haggard! YAY!! Merle Haggard!!! I can't wait. I need a babysitter and a cowboy hat!

***After looking in to it some more, umm... I don't know who all is going to be there. I was hoping for Merle Haggard, like Jarrett told me, but from what I've seen it's just going to be Willie Nelson. Big WOO. We'll see though. Maybe it'll be fun anyway.***


Amanda Jo said...

Merle Haggard! My hubby would be jealous if he was the blog reading type! :)

I just noticed that you have a WFAA feed on your blog...I'm also in DFW and WFAA is my favorite news channel!!

Anonymous said...

if you see mighty merle i will be dang jealous. i love merle haggard. willie isn't bad, but merle oh merle.i would give up my fourth child to see him. ;) Angela

Christina NY said...

I don't even know who they are haha

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