Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

The grandparent's called and wanted the kids to come visit them. Jamie came to get them around 10- 10:30. Jarrett was working so I had the house to myself for a little while. NICE. He came home around noon and we went to look at a couple of houses. Both were junkers. Figures right? The one's we can afford are always icky. Then we came home and took a nap. Got up and went to eat at Campuzano's and then picked up the kids.
I sent my camera with Kyndal so I could have some pictures of their visit.

Gorgeous, Darling.... You too! Muah!

We got there to pick them up and nobody seemed happy to see us. LOL! Even Karly, who normally screams "MAMA!!" or "DADDY!", just said, "I don't want to go home right now" Bummer.

Jamie had taken them to Target and Kyndal finally got a camo shirt. For exploring. She's excited!

Jarrett faking 'nice'.
You see, Caleb was messing with him, I think with a rubber band. So Jarrett started the thumping thing. He thumps, and my gosh, it hurts. LOL But they WERE JUST PLAYING.

See that couch? I want it. It's sooo cushy! And brown. Love it! My couch is brown too, but underneath the brown is a very light cream color. HAHA!!

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Tiara said...

Lots of cute pics! Looks like the kids had a good time. Glad you and Jarrett got to have some alone time. That's always nice :)

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