Thursday, June 5, 2008

So mad at myself!!! UPDATE

::I got another email about this. The talent agent is the one who told me June 2nd. The email I got today was from the production accountant. She told me that as long as I get the paperwork to her by tomorrow, they will still be paid. WHEW!!::

When my kids filmed the movie, they were supposed to be paid 50 each. After a while, we never got a check. Come to find out, some people hadn't been paid, so they were trying to correct it. I checked my alternate email address, one I rarely check and they had sent me an email saying they never got our release forms. So they sent me more. I was gonna do it 'later'. I completely forgot to do it. I just thought about it today and checked that email address again and sometime last week they sent me another email saying I had until June 2nd to get them the paper work. After that it would be too late and the kids wouldn't be paid. UGH. That's 150 that my kids were looking forward to and now they won't get it. I'm so bummed. So mad at myself for not taking care of it right away. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm just SICK about it.

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Tiff said...

What movie were they in? That would be a fun thing to let the kids do! How did you go about doing it? :)

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