Thursday, June 5, 2008


After ALLLL the talk about Chick-Fil-A lately, I decided to go. Then I talked to someone else today about it and told them, eh, I'll just drive through, ya know? Just cause I'm paranoid about taking my kids to eat by myself. I started feeling guilty cause I SHOULD be able to do that, right? LOL Anyway, I decided to let them go in and play in the play area. I can take them shopping w/out issues, but libraries, dining and places like that, I get nervous. Don't know why. But they did a wonderful job and the food was GOOD!!!

Kyndal went in the play area and took pictures for me.

And she took a picture of me. Blah. I had a 8 piece chicken nugget meal AND a chargrilled chicken salad with the Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette. I didn't like the chicken in the salad but the dressing was TDF!!! In this picture, I'm taking the chicken out of the salad and putting it in my frie box. HAHA!! I need make up and a hair do.
I'm stuffed. I don't even want to think about dinner. I hope I'm hungry again before Jarrett gets home. I always cook the better meals when I'm hungry.

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Shel said...

Glad you ended up having fun! Way to go, kids, for doing so well for your Mom!

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