Sunday, June 8, 2008

Exploring & Playing At The Park

How 'bout I start with exploring?
The kids have been asking to go exploring for weeks. Jarrett takes them and I stay with Karly. Sounded good to me. HAHA! So they went. From what I hear they had a great time. The only thing I don't like about it, is they never have pics or video of all the things they see/do. They found buffalo bones and teeth. We know this because of the internet. They brought them home then looked it all up. They were very excited!! (no pics)
Another thing that happened is... you ready?? Jarrett let Kyndal drive his truck. Again NO PICS. Darn it! I would've loved to have seen that!! It was her first time. She was afraid of wrecking. HAHA! But they were just in an old field and the only thing out there was corn. Silly girl!
They come home with some great stories. Next time I'm sending one of my camera's with them.
While they were gone, I cleaned the house and took Karly to a park nearby. It's one we've never been to. But there was NO shade, it was smoking hot, and after about 15 minutes, Karly was ready to leave and beat me to the van. LOL
I DID get pics of that.
Not a great shot of the two of us, but it'll do.

She loved the monkey bars. They were the only thing that wasn't too hot, or too hard.

The seesaw was cool! I haven't seen a park with one of those in a long time. I wish I was brave enough to get on it with her, but I was parnoid that it would come down on her feet. So I stood there pushing the other end down and letting it go back up really slow. I remember hurting my feet on those as a kid.
And here she is beating me to the van. I love her new dress and flip flops!!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I wish that they took pictures too. That all sounds fun! I'm glad that you two are so active with the kids; it's so important and they'll remember the rest of their lives and pass it on to their children. Good job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karly is so cute! I love her dress!!

And I agree, you need to start giving your camera to Jarrett so he can take pics too!!! It sounds like he missed out on so many great ones!

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