Saturday, June 14, 2008

Incredible Hulk

Today we just laid around and studied and rested. I took a nap even. Then we went to the drive in to see Incredible Hulk. It was ok. I hate how they end movies and you still have questions. But it was fun. We pulled up next to the dork squad. There were about 12 nerds chit chatting and sitting in their lawn chairs. They were great entertainment before the movie. I had to take Karly to the bathroom and Jarrett says I missed the best part. They were playing hacky sack and one would kick it to someone and it would go way over their head, so the guy would run to get it, then kick it way over the other's head. And they did that back and forth, over and over.

I was hoping to go see Kung Fu Panda cause the kids really want to see that. Maybe we will next time. I'm pretty sure Caleb wants to go there for his birthday, for now. That may change as it gets closer. LOL

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Tiara said...

Mason is dying to see The Hulk! He ask to watch the movie trailer on the website a zillion times a day LOL I wanted to take him last weekend but we were broke. This weekend we'll be in GA. Maybe it will still be playing next weekend at the drive in. Unlikely, but one can hope.

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