Monday, May 5, 2008


Sundays are usually so boring. Nothing is open till the middle of the day, then everyone is there, so we normally don't do much. But we decided to get out of the house this Sunday. We went to Arlington to Barnes & Noble. Then had lunch at Chipotle. Jarrett has been bragging about this place for a month and finally decided to take us there. It was ok. I wouldn't brag about it too much. After that, we came home and everyone took a nap. Except for me. I read my book. When everyone got up from their nap, we went grocery shopping. It's funny how we always spend less when Jarrett is there. So this time we got out of Wal Mart spending less than $200. We ate dinner on the way home. Chicken Express. Yuck. I don't have to ever go there again after last night. I'm just not big on someone else making my chicken for me. I like how I do it. We stopped by the outlet mall cause I wanted to see if there was a date that Gymboree will be opening. There wasn't. BUT the sign was up! So hopefully it'll open soon. I can't wait!

Then we came home, the kids played outside for a bit and it was time for bed. The day went by too quickly.

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