Friday, May 23, 2008

Karly's 3rd Birthday

I stole Antoinette's idea and took a pic of her sleeping last night. Her last night as a 2yr old. :*(
And here she is in the morning, first day of being 3!
Before breakfast they played video games. Karly got a Dora Saves The Mermaid game from her Granny.
Showing off in her new outfit.

CHEEEEEEEESE! Later we plan to go out to eat. I'll have more pictures then.


Tiara said...

Happy third birthday pretty girl! She's a beautiful three year old. I can't believe these kids are growing up so fast. Hope she had the very best birthday a little girly could have!

Anonymous said...

Her outfit is cute! I'm glad you got pictures of her last day being two. It's sad though huh? It goes way too fast!

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