Friday, May 2, 2008

First Haircut!!!

Today was haircut day for the kids. The boys got the usual. Kyndal went crazy and whacked all of hers off. I'm not allowed to show it yet. She wants to surprise her cousin on Thursday. And If I show it here, it may not be a surprise.
Karly got her first hair cut. She didn't want to do it, so I decided we'd wait. But then I thought, who's the boss.. me? or her? ME of course, so I took her over and sat her down and she sat there like a good girl. I was shocked actually. I was nice and gave her some gum to chew. That's what's up with this face.
She had to look down at the lion on her smock thingy.
She doesn't look happy, but at least she's not moving around and being bad.

The lady wanted to flip it out, which I don't think will work right on her hair, not yet anyway.

We just got it trimmed up and a few layers. Here's the attempt at flipping it. @@ I'll see what I can do with it later and post more pics.
When we left there I went to get some clippies for her hair. I didn't want her to have bangs, but I gotta have something to keep the hair out of her face. She doesn't mind wearing clippies. My little girl got her first hair cut. WHAAAAAAA!!!


Colleen said...

I held off cutting Riley's since YOU said you'd be upset LOL (ok so it was just a good excuse to wait). Karly looks adorable with her new cut! Did she like it once the girl was done? Riley's getting her first cut either tonight or tomorrow. If she decides tonight we'll do it, but if she doesn't want it cut tonight, it WILL be tomorrow. Stay tuned for pics!! :o)

Shel said...

Awee, great job, Karly! You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Awww, she looks really cute. It already looks thicker too. It doesn't seem like she took too much off either!! I like it!

Tiara said...

Looks like she did great. Very cute, I like it! We haven't cut Mason's yet. I've been talking to him about it getting him ready for when the time comes. Some days I'm ready to chop it off and others I can't imagine cutting his white boy fro :) His crazy hair matches his personality...I can't imagine him without it.

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