Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Camera

Well, the purpose in getting a new camera was to have something smaller to carry with me. My nice camera is just too big and too expensive to take certain places. I've been around the block with camera's and helping other people decide, but when it came for me to get a back up, I couldn't pick one. I really wanted the Canon Powershot S5 IS but that would pretty much defeat the purpose of getting a smaller camera, since it's close to the size of my nice camera. But I also really wanted the features of that camera. So I went with this one. Canon Powershot SD870 IS Digital Elph

Anyone have this one?

I'm nervous about it. I have it charging now, so I'll check it out later. I just hope it does a good job. If it doesn't, I can take it back but they'll charge a 15% restocking fee. UGH.

Wish me luck!!!

1 comment:

Tiara said...

Girl, you get more cameras in a year then most get over a three year span LOL I have the Cannon PowerShot SD850 IS and absolutely adore it. I hope you like the new camera!

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