Friday, May 23, 2008

Birthday Dinner

We decided to take Karly to Applebee's for dinner and have them sing to her. She wore her birthday girl tshirt. That's so cute. Too bad it won't fit next year.
We normally don't let her stand up at the table but we got there early and I was trying to get a good picture of her shirt. I never got one. HAHA
I just took tons of pictures of her and a lot of these look a lot alike.

Silly girl!

Mmm... Sprite!!
Yeah, I took pictures of the rest of my kids too.

So we had dinner, they brought out our dessert first. Poor Karly had to wait. I took a video of her being sang to. She's so rotten. Watch it, you'll see.
All done with her sundae.
We have plans to take Karly to the zoo on Sunday. She hasn't been in a LONG time. So it'll be all new to her. Be watching for pictures from that!


Anonymous said...

She looks so pretty! I think it's neat that we both took our girls to Applebees on their 3rd birthday! The video was too cute. She looked like that song put her in a trance. LOL! Happy Birthday Karly!!! We all miss you...especially Brianna! XOXO!

Carri said...

What a great video. Karly is just to cute. I love all your accent's too. She is adorable and trust me she did not seem rotten at all. I have seen kids bug out during the bithday song.

Tiara said...

Love her birthday shirt, waay cute. Such a prety birthday girl! The video was funny. I don't think she knew what to think of them singing. Mason squints his eyes too when I tell him to smile, he gives me a big cheesy fake squinty eyed smile LOL

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