Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday morning we got up and drove out to my mom's house. She had taken the kids with her after we went to Six Flags. When we got there they were working in the yard (cleaning up around the pond, burning limbs) the kids were helping a little, fishing a little and exploring but this is what Karly was doing.
One day they'll get it all done. We should go out and help more often. It's a lot of work.
Just a picture of part of the yard/pond.
Kyndal spent some time fishing. And yes, I was right there with Karly. She wasn't allowed on the doc w/out an adult, but how else would I get a pic of her there? LOL
We even took Libby with us. Karly was happy to see her. She loves that dog.
Jarrett and my step dad Bobby talking politics, I'm sure.

Karly helped by throwing sticks into the fire.
My mom took us to this Cajun place to eat. It was YUMMY! Jarrett said the catfish was really good. Too bad I don't like catfish. I had a pretty good hamburger steak.
Sunday morning we left my mom's house and drove about 45 minutes away to see Jarrett's mom. We met up at a Mexican restaurant. The food there was good too.

Caleb wanted me to take his picture in this chair. Ok.
They look alike.
Time to say good-bye.
We had a long drive ahead of us. I don't think Karly was feeling good. This was the type of mood she was in on the way home.
It was a pretty good weekend. Makes me wish we lived closer to them.

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