Friday, May 9, 2008

Six Flags Over Texas

The past few years, we've gone to Six Flags on homeschool day. It's not as crowded, tickets are cheap and the weather is perfect this time of year. We got there early yesterday. Seems like we're always first in line. A lot of my family met us there. More of them came this year than the past years and it was GREAT getting to see them.
We hung out at the front gate. My kids wanted to sit in Granny's car with her.
I'm not too sure about my new camera. I need to play with it more. Kyndal looks really light in this picture.
The kids were leaving with my mom so Karly just HAD to sit in her carseat. Why doesn't she want to do that in our van?
They opened the gates at 10 so we parked and had our lunch. Better than trying to leave while we're riding rides and miss out on all the fun!
This was the first ride we went on, check out the lines! It was like that everywhere!!
Caleb is finally tall enough (with the help of certain shoes) to ride this. If you click the picture you can see him and Jarrett in the front car.
All of the kids together. Lined up by their age. It's too bad my other two cousins that have kids couldn't be there. It'd of been really cool to get their kids in this pic too.
Waiting for the Cave Ride! I'm sure it has a new name now, but I don't know it.

Karly thinks she'll like it...
But it's really dark, she's not too sure..hehe
This is inside the cave. It's a pretty long cave. It's loud too and we get shot at. Ok, not really but they have the Bug's Bunny theme going on in there.
Getting ready to go on a ride with Daddy!
Boy was it hard to catch them when they came by, they were going fast.
Most of my pics came out blurry.

Kyndal & Bailey very happy to see each other.

All together for a pic again.
My kids
Erin's kids
Tami's kids
Waiting on the big kids to get off Mr Freeze, again.
I'm surprised again that Karly wasn't afraid of the characters.

My mom took Karly when we got there, so us big kids could go ride some big rides. When we met up, this is what they were doing. Karly got to drive.

And she loved it!

Big chair but she wouldn't even look at me. Brat.
One of the older rides is the Judge Roy Scream. I decided I'd take pics while riding it. It was soo cool! I'm glad they turned out. I wish I had rode in the front. Maybe next time.
Front view of the park going up the first hill.

And behind me
The roller coaster! Coming down the first hill.
Second hill
I just like this one cause Connor's hands are up.
That was fun!

On the hot air balloons that spin.
This is a fun ride in the kiddy park. (Looney Tune Land)
Hold your hands up!

This ride, as small as it is, was pretty darn fun!

Another ride Granny took Karly to.
On the swings....
Tea cups? Sort of?
Karly riding the roller coaster with Aunt Kathy.
After Six Flags we all met up for dinner at Chili's.

I took a LOT more pictures but I figured 50 would be enough to post on here. We had a good time. I'm already ready to go back. The kids are at my mom's house. It's quiet here and I'm catching up on everything. I think we'll be heading out there this afternoon. Unless Jarrett ends up working late or something else comes up.


Shel said...

Great Pictures! Yeah, Karly does look like Kyndal in that one that someone pointed out on the loop. (Confusing enough? :-)

Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad. I can't believe how much your kids have grown up in the past three years.

Tiara said...

Looks like an awesome fun day Christina! I'm so glad you were able to get together with your family and have a good time :)

Christin&Co. said...

You made me cry!!! I wish we could have been there too. Seeing all the kids together and thinking about all the times we went as kids. Too much for me. I think I will probably go cry myself to sleep now. ;0) Man I miss you guys.

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