Monday, May 5, 2008


Several months ago, I signed up for BzzAgent. They send me stuff, I try it out, share coupons, then tell them what I thought of the product and the reactions I got from others about the product. Well, they've outdone themselves this time. Wow. They sent me this,en

And it is the coolest thing EVER! It's very expensive, IMO but if you have the money. Get one! You'll LOVE it. I have coupons if you want one.

I've also done campaigns for the following...
(they send me either the product or coupons for getting the product free, plus additional coupons)
*Ziploc Twist n loc containers and X Large Storage bags
*Tropican Pure Valencia Juice
*Horizon Organic Milk
*Oust Surface Disinfectant and Sanitizer (2 big cans and coupons for free Oust)
*Pledge Multisurface (duster, wipes and coupons)

So far everything I've gotten has been great! If you'd like to get free stuff, go to the site and be sure to say that I recommended you.

I'm still in shock over the really cool remote I got. Too bad we don't watch tv much. But when we do it'll be fun to just tap the screen and go to one of our favorite channels.

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Tiara said...

Oh wow! That is awesome. I'm also signed up with bzzagent but have only gotten campaigns for yogurt and soy milk so far.

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