Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday we signed up for the YMCA. They have a Kids Club that will babysit Karly (and Caleb too if he'd go) while I work out or take classes. Kyndal is old enough to work out on the equipment with me and Connor and Caleb can play basketball or racquetball or whatever else is set up in the gym. This summer we can go swimming. We get a free month of gymnastics for all of the kids. So that is EXCITING. The teacher is Mrs. Reins. MY gymnastics teacher. YAY!!! I love her. Maybe she'll let me take the class too. hehe

We went last night to check it out, but Karly would NOT go in the Kids Club. I can't say that I blame her since she's never been left with people she doesn't know. So I didn't get to work out the first time we went. Jarrett and Kyndal did some exercising. Connor loved playing racquetball and shooting hoops. Caleb, well, he was just Caleb. Couldn't figure out what he wanted to do. He wanted to work out in the room with Jarrett and Kyndal but he's not old enough.

We may go back today. This time Kyndal will stay in the Kids Club with Karly to get her used to it. I REALLY need to work out. I want to be at least a little fit for summer.

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Barbs said...

Yeah! I hope you use your membershio more than we use ours!

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