Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Youngest

Is a weird one. She will fight the dog for dog food. And today, I found her in the mud, eating it. I should've taken pics, but I was too busy working in the yard, and I was frustrated that she'd done it. It worries me cause a couple of weeks ago, I put grass seed and ironite all over the yard. Ugh. Not to mention, I just put a cute new shirt on her. Darn it. But I guess she's ok cause she's acting fine. Minus the little bit of crying she did when she sprayed pledge multisurface cleaner in her eyes. OMG

1 comment:

Shel said...

She sounds like she keeps you very, very busy! Maybe she was meant to be a boy, lol. Well, maybe not. I love the Lazy Dazy pictures. Is that a brand? Too cute!

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