Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Trip To Scarborough Renaissance Festival

We took Kyndal to Scarborough Faire today. She loves going there.
Happy Birthday Kyndal!
We met Brandi, Conleigh and Eric there. It was our first time meeting Eric. We liked him a lot. The two of them are so cute together.
We checked out some shops and I found this hat that I LOVED. I've never really been one to wear a hat unless I was playing softball and had to. But I'd wear this one! Too bad it was $35!
The kids rode rides and played games. This is Connor in the middle of a back flip on the bungee trampoline. In one jump he did 3 back flips. It was awesome!
We even got Karly on it!
Me and Brandi had a couple of peach bellini's. They were yummy! I need to find a recipe and make them at home.
Then we found a place that was cute to take some pics together. I've missed her. Hopefully we'll be able to keep in touch better.
Just a picture of me. I look like I'm glowing, and not in a good way.
Kyndal and Conleigh got some princess stuff to wear. They were cute together too.
The girls went to the petting zoo.

And the boys threw knives and chinese stars.
We rented a "Dragon Wagon" for Karly.
They had elephant rides and of course, the kids had to ride.

Having a blast on the swing...
Karly wants to be a princess too!
Jarrett and I in a pic together. YAY!

Our friends had to leave and this is Kyndal when the fun was winding down...
Caleb just chillin' waiting for the joust.
Karly had enough. It was a busy day but she hung in there as long as she could.

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