Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Saturday

Today we decided to just chill. At first everyone sat around reading their new books and I decided to take pictures since it's been a few days. hehe
Caleb thinks the words will just fall into his head w/out having to read.
Or maybe it works like this...
Connor loves his new book. I'm kind of worried that it's called the 'Dangerous Book For Boys'. ACK!

Karly thinks she's hiding from the camera.
Then decided to pose for me.
After a time of reading we decided to go for a ride. We went toward El Paso. HAHA!! We entered El Paso into Tomtom and took the shortest distance. The shortest distance usually takes us down back roads. We went down some COUNTRY roads. Scary roads. But got to see some neat stuff. I didn't take pics, like I should've. We ended up in a town we've been to before. Glen Rose. There they have Dinosaur Valley and Fossil Rim.
We've been to both places, but thought we'd take Karly to Fossil Rim. When we got there, the price had doubled and well, it would have cost an arm and a leg for us to go, so we left. It was sad, but then again, it's not worth the new price. So we drove back home and went to Cici's for dinner. After that we went to Target and shopped a little. It was an interesting and fun day, just spending time with each other.


Shel said...

Glad you had a good day! I love the pictures, especially the last one of Karly and the pictures of Caleb and his book. LMAO!

Tiara said...

Cute pics! Sorry you weren't able to do Fossil Rim. I totally get it. We'll be in GA visiting my brother in late June and we're planning to do seaworld, A KIDS ticket is almost $60!!!! We may have to skip it...that's way expensive.

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