Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First T Ball Game

The first t ball game! Woohoo!! We were so excited!
I tried to get pics of Karly before the game but she wouldn't look at me. I just gave up.

There she is in the back, spinning around the pole.

Going out to bat...
Coach Jenna showing her where to stand and how to hold the bat.
Hit the ball Karly... she just stood there looking at it.
It's ok, you can hit it...
go ahead...

She was the only one to have the coach help her bat.
Then she runs out after her own ball and fights the kid for it...
No, no, no... run to first!

She made it!!
Running to second, not necessarily in a straight line to second, but she finally got there.
On 2nd
From 2nd to who knows where. HAHA!
Taking a break on 3rd.
Coming home!!!
YAY Karly! You did it!!!
Good game!

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