Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What A Day!!

So I decided to make the kids a list of things they need to get done today. Just to keep me from having to do everything around here. Wellllll... they finished their list and I've barely gotten anything done. I need to revise their lists. HAHA! I've done quite a bit of reorganizing and that took forever, but it's not something you notice when you walk in the house. I still have tons to do. I just sat the kids down to do some school and they are acting like they are SO mistreated. I'm a horrible mom for making them use their brains. And Karly won't stop screaming. I really need to find something for her to do so we can get finished and I can get back to cleaning.


I got back to cleaning. Then went outside to work on the lawn mower. I fixed it!!! I was able to mow most of the back yard. Jarrett needs to take down the batting cage so I can finish. Then Connor begged to mow, so I let him mow the front. (where I know things won't sling back and hit him) and he did a great job!

Jarrett called and he's working late. Blah. I'm ready for that house in Dallas to be DONE.

I took the kids out to eat. They wanted Taco Bell and I wanted Golden China so we went two places. I just really do NOT like Taco Bell. Ick.

When we got home, we ate, then I vacuumed and mopped and well, now it's 9 and I'm about to put the kids to bed. YAY!!

Peace and quiet.

Anyone got a good recipe for peach bellini's? I've seen several but don't know which one to try. I want a frozen one. Yum!

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