Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy Day

Today we woke up and had our breakfast and went to the YMCA. Karly did NOT want to go to the "C" (that's what she calls it). She has a hard time going into the kids clubhouse. I felt so bad leaving her there. She was just pitiful. But I left her. We went to work out and I did ok, I guess. I'm SO badly out of shape. It's embarrassing. I kept having the big kids go check on Karly w/out her seeing them. They'd come back and tell me she was off somewhere by herself, just sitting there looking sad. :*(

So I'd had enough. I decided to go to the gym, close to where Karly was and run around the track. I was going to do a mile. HAHAHA!! What a joke. It takes 15 laps to do a mile. I walked fast 2 times, jogged 2 times, walked 2 times, jogged 2 times then walked slowly the last time. It wore me out. My legs were red and itchy.

Then I went to pick up Karly and saw her. She was sitting on her knees with her head laying on the floor with big tears in her eyes. Talk about feeling bad. I felt like crap. But she was in good hands.

We left there and went to Hastings again. I got Kyndal another new book that came out yesterday. The boys each got a book and I got Kyndal two books on Anne Frank. She's going to read them and write a report on it. Hopefully she'll like it as much as I did. I also got a couple of worship cd's. One for me and one for Karly. :)

When we left there we got lunch and took it to the park for a picnic. After the kids played for about an hour we went to get sno cones. YUM! I'm still eating mine. I love wedding cake!

Now we're home. Karly is napping, the kids are reading and it's raining. We were supposed to have a t ball game tonight at 6 but it might just get rained out.

So that's my day so far.

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