Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just one of the boys

that carries lip gloss. Yes, my little girl loves to hang out with the boys. That's Jaylen (probably misspelled) in the middle. Karly told me a couple of days ago that she loves him with all her heart. Then I whooped her. Just kidding!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a photo shoot with these two. I'm so excited. I offered to do it cause they are just too cute and I need to practice on someone other than my kids. Hopefully I can get this one to look at me.
I snuck this one in. He was hanging on to Moms leg. Too cute!
See, I may just have a hard time with him. LOL
Aren't they adorable??? I can't wait!
Spell check just told me snuck isn't a word. Hmm...I did NOT know that. :/


Angelique said...

Avery is just one of the boys, too. She's SUCH a girly girl but loves getting down and dirty with them. I love that mixture in these girls!

Good luck with that photo shoot! lol

Jennifer Poppy said...


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