Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping this week

I did a little shopping this week. And goofy me forgot about the tax free weekend THIS weekend. So missed out on saving 8 bucks for every 100 spent.
I just thought I'd share some of what I got. I'm not posting all the clothes I bought but I will tell you I found some great deals at the Gap outlet for myself. YES! I have some new clothes!

Karly really needed shoes. All that fits her are flip flops. She's got such wide feet. But I found some tennis shoes (in the boys section) that worked! They aren't the cutest in the world but will be perfect for play shoes. Easy off and on and a dark color.

And some much needed guide books.
Not the best picture (was playing with settings) but I LOVE this shirt. Yes, I know it's just a tshirt but it says Life Is Good. I need one like that for myself.
And a mini back pack for Karly. I filled it up with fun stuff (chalk board, markers, books, bubbles, nintendo DS w/Dora game) for football practices. It's so cute! We saw one in a bigger size at another store. But the small one is perfect for a 3 yr old.
I also got Kyndal a new shirt and jewelry to match for a wedding we have to go to soon. I can't believe I have to shop in the juniors clothes for her.
Oh and Karly got a new outfit for the wedding too. I love having a Gymboree outlet nearby!!
The boys got new football stuff last week so this week was for the girls.


Carri said...

OMG love the converse's I ams ure with her clothing they will look adorable. Have you tried skate shoes for her those are wide also. Also love the backpack it looks like the mini version of Cas' school bag. Kyndal is so gorgeous in case I havent said so lately, her pictures are amazing.

Jess said...

Love those shoes! Thanks for leaving me some blog love!

Jess said...

Love those shoes! Thanks for leaving me some blog love!

Tiara said...

Who doesn't love shopping?! Dick's Sporting Goods carries the Life Is Good line. That is such a cute little back pack!

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