Monday, August 11, 2008

Lunch with Granny

My mom called and said she was going to be in Dallas and asked if we wanted to meet her for lunch. Umm YES we DO! So we met up at El Chico around 10:30. It didn't open until 11 so the kids got out their toys and played in the parking lot. They haven't gotten to use these on concrete yet. They loved it!! Nice and smooth!

Connor was doing really well on his Rip Stick.

And Kyndal loves her Power Wing
Poor Connor. He found a hill. Went down it real fast. Thought it was the coolest thing. Did it again. Almost ran into something, so he jumped off. Banged himself up. He hurt his belly, knee, elbow and hand. :*(
He didn't cry. But didn't want in the picture. I think it started hurting about 10 minutes after it happened. Poor guy. Then he cried for 30 minutes or more.
You can see his knee here. I only took this one to have one of all of them together with Granny.
It was nice seeing my mom. I really wish she lived closer. After we ate we went to Wal Mart and got a first aid kit for my car. And she got a few things she needed. Then we had to go our separate ways. I miss her.


Angelique said...

Poor Connor :( You know that hurt! I'm glad you had a good time with your mom - it's so hard when you don't live near them.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I hope Connor is feeling alright. It always hurts when you eat it like that. I'm glad you got to see your Mom though!! I know you miss her bunches!

brattt said...

I had lunch with my mom today too! lol I see her about everyday though... Sorry Connor had a wipeout, I hope he's feeling ok. Those things they were riding looked fun! I'm sure my kids would love em...especially BB, she's the daredevil of the bunch! Hopefully you'll get to see your mom again soon.

Shel said...

Awwe, poor Conner! I hope he is doing OK today.

Yay on seeing your mom!

Tiara said...

Aw, I hope Connor is feeling better. Poor guy. Glad you got to see your mom!

Kathy C. said...

How nice to have a lunch day with your Mom. I miss my Mom too, but she is several states away, so lunch dates are few and far between.

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