Thursday, September 4, 2008

Water bottles, shutter speed & poison ivy

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. We had a nice break from the heat. It was probably about 75 outside. LOVED IT!

My poor kids have a bad case of poison ivy/oak/sumac I dunno, but it's bad. And they've given it to me. Any tips on how to get rid of it at home? I've used all sorts of lotions and sprays, Aveno oatmeal baths, and nothing is working. HELP!

Now to the pictures, I thought since we have our firts game Saturday I better get to practicing action shots with no blurring. I set my shutter speed really fast and it worked. I'm so excited! Don't mind Karly's clothes. Those were Kyndal's from when she took ballet. It's a few sizes too big for Karly. The kids were jumping over the empty water bottles.

She missed. Completely.

Shutter speed, not quite fast enough.
Better, but I cut off his foot. I was only using a 50mm, so I didn't have any zoom. They were just too close to me.

Looks frozen there huh? YAY!!

This one is just weird. How'd she know (in the middle of a flip) to look right at the camera? Practice.
And this is what happens when you bump up the ISO instead of the shutter speed. OOPS! See the noise/grain? (little dots all over it)
I'm so glad I found this NOISEWARE .
The spots are gone. And it's FREE.


Colleenfmckenna said...

Benedryl for the itchies! It won't make it go away, but it will DEFINILTEY make it a little more tolerable. Hope ya'll get some relief quick!

Kathy C. said...

Very fun. Sorry I have no cure for your itching - I hope it all goes away soon. Love the pics, I need to play with shutter speed more often - you are inspiring me to do some more photographing. :)

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