Sunday, September 21, 2008


This weekend we had our football games. Caleb & Jarrett's team won again. Undefeated so far! Woohoo! Here's Caleb standing up. lol
Jarrett's mom came down to visit. Jarrett's dad and step mom were there. My mom called me and was like, "I miss the babies, I sure wish I could see them" and five minutes later, she was there with my step dad Bobby. It was such a nice surprise and SO cool to have almost all of the grandparents there. (the row with Kyndal on it. I don't know the other people.)

Karly sure does love Bobby! When he's around, she attached to him.
Connor's team lost, again. We seriously need some blockers. But I'm not the coach, so... whatever. Connor got tackled and you see in the pic, that helmet was in his back.
And look at that face as he's getting up. He was hurt. Poor baby!!! But he kept playing. When I saw this face, I stopped taking pics for a little bit. He played another play, got up with the same face and I made sure they knew he was hurt. So he got to come to the sideline for a little while.
He's ok though. Nothing serious.
Afterward we went out to eat. My favorite meal from Don Jose's is Villa's chicken. Mmmm... It's SOOO good!

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Love the football pix!! :D

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