Thursday, September 11, 2008

Found the CURE for Poison Ivy

or Oak, or Sumac, whatever it was that we had.

My inlaws told me about this stuff. I put off getting it because they said it cost 30 dollars. I'm cheap. So we had poison whatever it was for about a week and a half. Then finally I decided to get some. I ended up getting a spot on the back of my leg that was as big as one of my butt cheeks. Seriously. It was starting to scare me. When I went to get it, at CVS it was 39.99!! Holy smokes! I went to a friends house afterward and put some on and let me tell you... It stopped itching immediately. The spot I had on the back of my leg was a severe case, so the next day I did it again and it's gone. All better. Mild to moderate cases only need one application. This stuff washes away whatever is in the blisters. Too cool. I'm stocking up.
I went to Wal Mart to get groceries and thought I'd see if they have this there. They do. For 34.99 or 34.88. Cheaper than CVS. Go get some. It's worth every penny.


Tiara said...

Glad it worked and everyone is clearing up!

Angelique said...

Good to know!! I'm glad you're all better :)

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