Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of fun at the lake!

And lots of pics to share... we had a blast. It was sort of like a party. There were so many people. LOVED it. Great times!!
Jarrett and Connor pulling Kyndal and Conleigh. ( I seriously need better zoom)

Conleigh saying that's fast enough!
Jarrett is pulling Angelia and Hailey (hope I spelled that right)
Brandi & April
Steve taking Debbie on her first ride.
How cool is this shot? I got all 3 jet ski's in one pic. Eric at the top, Jason in the middle, Steve & April up front.
Steve loved splashing the kids. They loved it too.
Jason and Peyton.
Yeehaw, Eric.
April posing. Too cute!
Look at all the people. And that's not even all that were there.
Think they could be any closer to each other.
Steve taking Mike on his first ride.
Sweet Peyton
Jarrett went nuts this time. No, really. NUTS. He scared the crap outta me several times.
I like this one because of the splash he made. Neat huh?
Thumbs up!!

Can't wait to do this again!!


Amanda Jo said...

How fun is THAT?! Man, I miss living close to a good lake! Enjoy it while the weather is nice.


Anonymous said...

Fantasic action shots! You are getting better and better. You have an exceptional eye for things. I am terrible at taking pictures. Thanks for always sharing.

Carri said...

Looks like tons of fun.

Antoinette said...

I'm jealous. I wanna go to the lake!!! Especially since I couldn't do much last year! It looks like you had a blast though!

Kathy C. said...

That looks like so much fun - it makes me want to get a jet ski again - can't have that much fun in a boat, LOL. :)

HeathahLee said...

How is it that I've missed reading your blog for so long? Hmm, added you to my favorites for sure this time! : )

Y'all look like you had so much fun! I went "tubing" once and will never go scared me senseless! I was afraid I was going to come out of the thing and break my neck! I'll stay in the boat next time, thank you!

Barbs said...

Aww looks like you guys had fun! I am jealous! I wanted to get there this year, but summer flew by!

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