Friday, August 28, 2009

For $5.41

I got all of these goodies.
I'm not sure what I'll do with this, but the whole family is coming here for Thanksgiving so I'm sure I'll find some decorative use for it. Link me ideas if you feel like it. :D
My first yard stick for my ruler/yard stick table. Yes, I'm SO doing that!
When I saw these, I thought they were cool. Then walked away. Then thought, maybe I could use them for something. Anyone have ideas for these?
I found one of these at a garage sale a few weeks ago, painted it black and sat it on a shelf. Well, now I have a smaller one too!
And these. Oh my. Love these.


HeathahLee said...

I NEVER find great stuff like that! You did GOOD! : )

Anonymous said...

Ok I wanna know about the ruler/yard stick table! Share! All that stuff is really cool. I wish I could find stuff like that around here.
brattt (under anonymous cuz I can't remember my log in stuff!)

Barbie said...

The picture of the 3 "tree" looking things could be decorated for Christmas! Just a thought!

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