Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Project

I stole this idea too. One day I'll come up with something on my own. haha!! I bought two of these bottles at a garage sale. I'm almost positive I didn't pay $1 a piece. Must have been for the pair. Then I bought some hemp stringy stuff from Wal Mart. That stuff costs more than I'd like to spend, but I had to try this project. I got the idea from here.

This is my bedside table. After I finish getting things for the rest of the house, I'll start on my bedroom furniture. I hate my tables.
This is the first one I made with a different type of hemp. It's super skinny so I had to go over it twice to make it look good. Now I wish I had covered the whole bottle. Live and learn. For now, it's sitting on my mantle.
Update on my Pottery Barn Copy Cat:

Mixing mod podge with stain totally worked! It dried over night. I was SHOCKED! But pleased! We still need a frame for it. I wonder how long I'll have to wait? Maybe I'll come across an easy way to make frames and do it myself.

I have it hanging above the bookshelf in our school area. I think it will look better when it has a frame and I finish my bookshelf. Thinking of painting it black and mod podging dictionary pages on the shelves. What do ya think?

No idea why the pics look blurry. :/


Amanda Jo said...

You are very talented my friend! I love what you've done with those vases and your Pottery Barn Copy Cat!!!

As for the shelf, I think it's a great piece and the only thing I'd do to it is paint it white!!!

HeathahLee said...

I copy people all the time! Isn't that what blogland is for? : ) Those vases look great! So does the PB knockoff!

Ashley's Thrifty Living said...

I also copied her! hahahah Mine didn't turn out as nice as yours though! It looks beautiful. And I love your art.

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