Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Pics, Finally!

Darn it! They all came up backwards. Again! What's up with that? I've been slacking, I know. Gotta try and get my blog time worked out. Anyway, here are the pics from Halloween in reverse order.

Kyndal had a party to go to so we didn't get to trick or treat with her this year. She had a blast but I have NO pics from it. :(

Karly loved trick or treating. She would go up and say trick or treat, I want a necklace. Or do you like my Mama? HAHA!! Too cute!

Caleb hasn't been very nice to the camera lately. He wouldn't look at me so I raised my hand above my head to get his attention and this is what he did back to me.

Connor trick or treating on the square in downtown Waxahachie.

This was the first pic I got when we got out of the car. Hey kids, line up over there and let me take your pic. Thanks Connor. LOL

Karly just out of the truck, ready to get some candy.

That's it for Halloween. I didn't get many pics this year. :(

1 comment:

Antoinette said...

Aww, they look cute!!!

I didn't get many on Halloween either. Got tons the couple days before though. Kinda hard when you're going door to door.

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