Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bonfire

October 21st, we had the bonfire. It's just what we do before our homecoming. The kids get to run around this HUGE yard and have all kinds of fun. The adults sit and chit chat and pig out on pizza and cookies. Here's the big pile of wood.

And here's this young girl eating. She didn't like that I took this pic, but I don't think she knows where my blog is so maybe she won't be mad at me.

And here's cute little Gary. He plays on Jarrett's team with Caleb.
And then there's these. I had way too many of them. They were delicious.
Cici's pizza brought like 100 boxes of pizza. For real. There was a LOT of pizza there.
The DJ
Kendrick doing the stanky leg. This kid can dance.
And a couple of my friends dancing.
Karly's bff Jaylen. (one day I'll ask his mom how to spell his name- I spell it different every time)
I just love pics of people stuffing their faces.

This is the best though. Look at that poor little girl on the right. HAHA!!!
Now, somehow, these pics uploaded backwards. So, let's watch me put the fire out.

Neat huh?

I like this little girls shoes. You see those? They are like converse boots or something.

The cheerleaders had Baby Got Back in their dance routine and this is Baby. LOL

Cheerleaders dancing. Karly will be up there one day. Not soon enough for her.

Jarrett/ skater looking dude.
Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics of my kids that night. Half the time I couldn't find them. And lately when I pull out the camera, they run. :/

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Anonymous said...

How fun. For some reason while looking at those, I got de-ja vu. Weird. LOL

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