Friday, July 17, 2009

We've Moved!

Gah, it's been forever since I've posted a blog. I've just been crazy busy for MONTHS. Hopefully things will slow down soon. I haven't touched my camera in a LONG time. Until today. I decided to wake up before the kids and go for a walk and get some pretty shots. So I went a walkin', got to a nice spot and pulled out my camera and didn't have my memory card. ha! Figures. So I came home and got a garage sale list put together. LOL

I just wanted to post something for those of you who might still check the blog. Be looking for pics of the new place soon.

Hope you're all doing good!



HeathahLee said...

Looking forward to you remembering your memory card. :D

Your photographs are gorgeous!

The Zoo said...

congrats on the move. I hope things went smooth for you and your family.

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