Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Question about shower curtains

I have a cute vinyl shower curtain that I found in storage. I love it! But a few holes are ripped out. How can I fix it? Is there a way? Can I take the top off of another shower curtain and repair it? Or am I going to have to say goodbye to my cute little shower curtain?? I can't find another like it. So depressing. Any tips would be appreciated.


HeathahLee said...

What about using clip-on curtain hangers a-la Nester? Go to this post and go down to the picture of the shower curtains where she shows the two silver clips on the end, click on the pic, and you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. That way you can still use your shower curtain!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie!! Do you have any pics of the shower curtain? It may give me more ideas on how to disguise the fix.
My Grandma Webb used to fix them with duct tape and a hole punch. You could try colored duct tape to match. If you don't mind bows you could then maybe tie matching grosgrain bows from each hook and you might not be able to see the glaring ghetto duct tape. lol. just an idea.

Angela your cous

Christina said...


I used curtain clip things and folded down the torn part and hung it. Worked fine for me! Now it's up. I'm so excited. Thanks again!!

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