Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I took the girls out today to get pics of them in their costumes. I didn't go out searching for the perfect location, just used what was in walking distance. I got too many cute ones and couldn't decide which ones to post, so you'll get to look through a lot of them. Hope you don't mind.

My sweet friend Antoinette made these costumes and did an excellent job. I'm always so impressed with everything she makes. Check out her store 'Little Bee's Boutique' on my blog, under my favorite places to shop.

Remember, you can click the pic to make it larger. (some will look better that way)


Christina NY said...

Wow what awesome costumes!! They look adorable!! Great job Antoinette!!!

Carri said...

The girls are absolutely gorgeous. I love all the pictures. Antoinette you are so talented those costumes are gorgeous. Iwish she made stuff in Cas' size.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those are beautiful pics! I love what a model Karly is and the looks so good together! Good Job Ant!

Angelique said...

Those are the best pirate costumes EVER! The girls look precious. WTG Ant!

Anonymous said...

Love them!!! They should be put in a contest.

Anonymous said...

Awww, they looks so cute. I'm glad they fit. :::whew::: I love how you did their hair. They are both beautiful!!!!!

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