Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Antonio, TX

Friday morning, Jarrett came home early from work and we headed to San Antonio... KIDLESS! We stopped at the outlet mall and got him some jeans for $7.99. We got to San Antonio around 4. We stayed at this hotel. Let me tell you. If you want to be near the action, do not stay here. We were what felt like, miles and miles away from the good stuff. Nice hotel, but too far away.

So we get our room, on the 18th floor, OMG, then head down to the Riverwalk. And we walk. And walk. I pull out my camera cause even though it's far away from the good stuff, it's beautiful there. We saw this cute little bench.

I tried to take lots of pics at first, but Jarrett started feeling all touristy so he made me self conscious about it. So after about the first 5 pics, I gave up on getting good shots. :(
We walked and walked some more. Then you know what? It was the end. Yup, we were walking the wrong way.
Going the other direction, on the other side. To make it look like we did it on purpose.
Interesting building. Getting closer to the fun stuff.

Still not quite there.
AHH!! FOOD and drinks! We were there! We stopped here first and had some chips and margaritas.
We didn't take the boat this time. BTDT
Our table was right by the river. We kept feeding these ducks. They acted like they were starving. One came up and got under my chair. Holy crap!
Then we walked some more. Trying to figure out what we wanted to do this time around.
Our favorite restaurant. Tony Roma's. We go way back.
Outside this band was playing flutey things. It was pretty music but I think they only knew a handful of songs.
Then we went to the mall and found the comedy club.
That was FUN. Funny guys! I'd love to go back to that.

That was over at close to 11 so we stopped by another place cause I was getting hungry (finally)

Best dadgum Mexican food ever. Loved this place.

I had a headache, Jarrett was getting all buzzed and making me crazy so we went back to the room.
We ended up checking out at 9 a.m. and coming back home. We talked about staying another night, but even on the 18th floor we could hear all the cars and street sweepers going by. We didn't get much sleep.
On the way home, we stopped back by the outlet mall and did some shopping. THAT was fun too. I love that place.
We made it home just in time to go to a get together some friends were having.
We enjoyed our time alone, but it was time to get the kids back. I missed them. I still miss Kyndal. She decided to stay an extra week.


Antoinette said...

Girl, your trip looked like fun. I sooo want to go. I'm sure you had a margarita for me right? LOL!

Shel said...

Those trees over the sidewalk are so cool. Looked like you managed to have a lot of fun. I'm sorry you didn't sleep well. Hope Kyndal enjoys the extra time with Grandma!

Anonymous said...

We wanted to see you too!!!!! I'm gald that you two had some fun grown up time. Thanks for sharing in your pictures.

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